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hello my name is Brookelle Renee Mckenzie Bones (is NOT real last name) - There is no black and white word for normal. Normal is subjective but your in my world now, and this is my normal. am Brookelle. I'm 18 now, and I live in upstate New York in the center of a corn field. I absolutely hate where i live and im leaving the day I graduate. I want to go to beauty school and be an extension specialist. I'm mostly a happy person, although i haven't been lately. Ive changed and grown up a lot and it seems like i'm the only one. I don't like rude people who think they know me just because they've seen my MyYearbook. In all honestly, I'm nothing like I portray myself to be. I don't consider myself scene or brutal in any way, i just like the style and get ideas from 'scene' girls. so don't judge me harshly, okay? i've noticed that people think it's fun to do that to me lately.Alot of girls around me think they know exactly who i am, when in reality none of them have held a conversation with me. People need to stop being so judgemental because I dont care what anyone thinks about me anymore, im finally comfortable with myself.I have expectations for myself and will do the things I want to do in my lifetime. I live my life the way i want too, no one can tell me otherwise. I could care less what any of you thought of me rather you think im pretty or a fat, ugly bxxtsh.Your not real to me, i dont care. Save your breath, I dont waste my time on people who criticize. Im a normal girl , super super Brookelle. (;:
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0o0olaa!!!=)) welcOme tO wOrlD miiiiCh :D D <3 graCiiass x ddikarle un ratitO D su tiempO..a miiCh :] a TODOS! mmuuua! [nO les aGraDa miiCh = nOw paaCen ii azii tOdOz ^^ feliCs tOdOozz :)] lalallaaa (8) ^^ noO thengO OTro metrO oqei? [[No tnwOo wiiki.. popflog..myspace.. ni nda de nadaa..! nO ze qrean d esOss wikiss mntiirOzzOozz! =/ zOlamnth stoii aqi n mtrO Okaz? :) <3 xaOO!^^
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=) siimplEmntee paraa unaa barbiiee miiChh OosssEa iiOo =)


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Melany is from Venezuela and is an optician who plays in the LFL also known as the lingerie football league. She enjoys a good smile, confidence and humor in her men.
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MELANY DENYSE on Beautiful Girls Collection
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